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Coir Foam Mattress

We understand that sleep is a critical part of our daily lives. In fact, in many ways, our waking hours are only as good as the time we spend in bed. That's why we've built our entire business on a single product; discount Coir foam mattress and mattress pads. We proudly carry every model of visco elastic foam product manufactured by Sleep Aid, the industry leaders.

Coir Foam Bed Density

"Elastic foam" is the technical term for "Coir Foam". Density is what puts the "Coir" in Coir foam beds. Higher density visco elastic foam provides better performance than low density foam.
Visco Elastic Mattresses, Good For The Body!

visco elastic foam mattress There are all kinds of new bed options, but despite all of the modern materials and scientific advances, most people are still sleeping on an outdated, unhealthy, uncomfortable inner spring mattress. Not only do innerspring mattresses do a poor job of supporting you, but the average life span for these relics is only four or five years! With a twenty year warranty, visco elastic foam mattresses are not only healthier, they are also a more sensible investment than old-fashioned inner spring mattresses.
Goel's Mattress Comfort Guarantee!

At Goel, we know that once you spend your first night on your new visco elastic foam bed or topper, you'll never want to sleep on anything else. That's why we offer a full 90 day money back guarantee on all of our visco elastic foam products. All you pay is return shipping and handling. If you're not happy, we're not happy, and we'll be sure to make it right. Of course, Sleep Aid is also looking out for you, with warranties of up to twenty years. Sleep Aid has confidence in their products, and we do too.

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